All About Garage Door Battery

If you have ever had a power failure when you were about to take your car out of the garage, you will understand the importance of a garage door battery. In fact, you can equip the door opener with a battery to face this type of situation. That way you won’t have any problem even if there isn’t power when you plan to take the car out of the garage. This article provides information on the importance of a garage door battery.

A backup battery is a small 12-volt battery unit that could be used in the garage door opener when a power outage occurs in the area. There are many brands of garage doors that offer this option. Some of the popular garage door brands include Chamberlain, Liftmaster, Mastercraft, and Genie. In fact, Liftmaster has been having this option since 2003. Once you experience a power outage, the fully charged battery will supply the garage door opener with more than 24 hours of standby power – the door will operate up to 20 full cycles with this type of power. One cycle is one-close and one open. The ambient temperature for this process is 60° to 70° F. The battery will recharge in just four and a half hours time. These batteries are recyclable similar to many other types of batteries on the market today.

You can easily add a battery to your present garage door opener for less than $100. With all the advantages offered by the backup battery, many homeowners prefer to invest in a backup battery for their garage door opener. This will help facilitate the opening and closing of the garage door when there is a power outage in your area.

The above article provides information on the importance of backup battery for your garage door opener.